Vault Manufacturers

Lowering the VaultVault manufacturers make up the largest majority of our customers, and we have been serving the industry for over 40 years. We take pride in filling the specific needs of vault manufacturers. Since transporting your vault at high speeds is important to you, we provide several hitching options, quality lighting systems, ruggedness, safety features and several labor savings options.

Hauling the HandlerWe also understand that you are typically responsible for setting up several funerals in a day which requires just-in-time deliveries. We know you cannot afford a breakdown of your handler. But, on those rare occasions when Logan Vault Handlers do need a new part and/or service, we provide both in a timely manner. Our parts usually ship same day. Or, if it is more convenient for you, we will identify a supplier in your local area so you can get back into operation, as quickly as, possible.

We are also a member of NCBVA (National Concrete Burial Vault Association), so that we can stay current on all issues important to your industry.


Here are just some of the options we offer to help you in these areas:

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