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Axis Corporation has been building vault and monument handlers for over 50 years and in fact, built the first handler ever made. Since that time, the focus has been on the customers and what they require for their specific needs. The weather and terrain in cemeteries varies throughout the country and consequently in the eyes of the users, all handlers are not created equal. For example, if vaults have to be placed on a hill, special tires and other features may make it easier and safer to place them. However, if you work mainly on flat ground, you don’t need these extra features. Consequently, Axis lets you choose the options you need and does not force you to purchase your handler with all the “bells and whistles.”

Another way Axis has listened and reacted to customers’ needs is to offer a new “Econo” vault handler model. The Econo model allows you purchase a high quality vault handler without all the features the typical handler contains. This allows you to still place vaults easily and safely, but at a more affordable investment.

Axis has also added a new option to the handlers. Previously, if you wanted “push button” control of your handler, you did it with a pendant. Now, you can choose remote control. “Just another way to make the handler more convenient for our customers”, says Matt.

In an effort to provide new, high quality products that their customers need, they have also just introduced a new self-propelled dump trailer. “Now, if our customers need to move and dump anything, they can do it with ease and safety with our new Self-propelled dump trailer”, says Matt Oldiges. Made from the same high quality materials and parts as their vault handlers, the dump trailers by Axis Corporation will last for years and provide the customer with the same peace of mind they have in using all Logan trailers.

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